Looking for best quality Indian Marble Stone?

Marble stone is the classiest natural stone that is still leading the market for its unmatched beauty, sustainability and durability. The sheen and standard we assure in Indian marble stone  arehighly demanded for both residential and commercial projects.We are the largest wholesaler and supplier of Indian Marble stone. Our expertly selected natural stone assures  the best quality and unbeatable price range. The specialist knowledge of our sourcing experts can help you get the perfect marble stone for your large or small projects. 

The high quality appeal of marble flooring is not a new thing; you can find this natural stone used in magnificent structures like  Taj Mahal and lots of hi-end hotels and commercial places are still using it to multiply the beauty of the place.

Marble flooring is the oldest and widely used in households. Renowned designers and renovation experts  not only use marble flooring to add classiness to their  projects but the marble stone has also been utilized to create statement pieces and structural elements like columns, fireplaces and cladding. The reason marble stone is becoming the preferred choice is because it is heat resistant, waterproof, easy to clean, and gives a warm and inviting feeling to the place.

• Remarkable strength
• Unmatched durability
• Timeless beauty 
• Wide color palette 
• Exclusiveness in patterns

Indian marble stone is demanded across the globe for its timeless appeal and at Indian Stones,  you can get the finest range of colors and patterns in marble stone. Suitable for the foyer area, countertops, columns and accent walls, the clean and classy look of marble can be attained in a wide variety of colors. Natural S tone Marble flooring is praised for its beautiful vein patterns; this is why we have sourced an elegant color palette ranging from pure white, beige, pink  and golden shades to darker hues like green, brown and black. 

Since Indian M arble Stone is the most sought after material across the globe, we make sure  to quarry the natural stone fromthe most trusted sources in the country. To make it the most luxurious option for our worldwide clients, we have implemented the hi-end infrastructure and utilize the latest technology to provide the desired finish and sizes of slabs of marble stone. We have stunning multicolor mixes and a wide range of polishes for you to pick from. Choose from our wide range of colors and finishes to instantly elevate the appearance of residential and commercial projects.  To match with your choice of decorative schemes, we have a wide inventory of Indian Marble Stone in polished, honed, brushed, flamed and leather finish. The tiles can be cut to your choice of size or you can order the slabs in  the desired specification for MarbleFlooring applications. 

Our quality approved stock holds a wide range of innovative M arble Stone products including tiles, slabs and chamfered tiles. Browse our product range and choose from over 100 different shades of marble stone to add elegance and appeal to your home.